Successful Cases
Successful Cases
Case 1 A Singapore based client involved in trading of unlisted shares in target companies Offshore claim HK$53M (approx.) tax savings
Case 2 A large Taiwanese group of companies which had production plants in China to manufacture famous footwear Tax planning and group restructuring for offshore claim Successfully assisted the group in achieving tax savings of HK$34M (approx.)
Case 3 An U.S. client whose principal activity was trading home furnishing products in China and overseas Tax planning and group restructuring for offshore claim Successfully assisted the client in saving HK$28M (approx.) tax
Case 4 A PRC client who engaged in exporting business with all production facilities in mainland China Group restructuring for risks diversification and tax planning for offshore profit exemption claim Successfully assisted the client in offshore claim with the tax savings of HK$21M (approx) up to 2009/10
Case 5 An interior design company run by a US based and a world famous top-class interior designer Offshore claim was handled by the previous tax representatives without any progress in few years. Settled the case swiftly through negotiation with the IRD and resulted in HK$20M (approx.) tax savings
Case 6 The client was engaged in trading and manufacturing of well-known watches in China The case was previously handled by one of the Big-4 CPA firms and the client was advised to withdraw its claim for offshore profits and pay tax accordingly as the chance for successful objection was considered slim.

However, by conducting thorough review of client’s operations and relevant documents, we found some valid points to substantiate the offshore claim and therefore lodged objection to the IRD and defend on behalf of the client.
HK$10M (approx.) tax was saved by the client
Case 7 The client was involved in production and distribution of television drama programmes and films Offshore claim HK$8.2M (approx.) tax savings
Case 8 The client had a contemporary art gallery involved in trading and sourcing arts and paintings from worldwide stakeholders Offshore claim HK$2.6M (approx.) tax savings
Case 9 The client was selling collector grade die cast model cars The client’s previous tax representatives misunderstood and wrongly presented mode of operations to the IRD. We clarified with the IRD the true nature of expenditure on moulds and relevant arrangements with factories The IRD finally allowed 100% deductions on HK$2.2M (approx.) expenditure for the past 10 years of assessment

No additional tax was levied
Case 10 A service company which provided IT consultation services in mathematical modelling, operation research, and the design and development of integrated production forecast and optimization system for the largest oil and gas company in Australia Offshore claim for service fee income Successfully convinced the IRD that the client’s services were provided outside Hong Kong, HK$2M (approx.) tax was saved
Case 11 An Australia based client engaged in export business of dairy livestock from Australia Offshore claim HK$550,000 (approx.) tax savings
Case 12 A company engaged in trading of wide range of branded glasses through internet Gave advice on the proper means for asset protection to diversify business risks of trading from the intellectual property right. Through proper structure and royalty arrangement, the client’s tax liability was significantly reduced
Case 13 A trading client Field audit and investigation by the IRD No additional tax was levied
Case 14 A client’s personal investigation affairs The case was transferred from other tax representatives Successfully finalized and settled the case through negotiation with the IRD and resulted in significant reduction in the client’s tax liability
Assurance & Advisory
Case 1 Merger & acquisition Engaged by an investor to perform due diligence exercise of an air-conditioner manufacturing company in China. We had reviewed the past years’ financial information about the performance and net asset value of the target company in determining and bargaining the purchase consideration. Successfully assisted the client to acquire the target factory in China valued at HK$40 million.
Case 2 Internal control audit Engaged by a listed company in Singapore to perform internal control audit of all its subsidiaries in Hong Kong and overseas in compliance with Listing Rules. The Independent Audit Committee accepted our findings and recommendations to improve the internal control systems of all subsidiaries.
Case 3 Securities and Futures Ordinance Compliance Securities and Futures Ordinance Compliance Compliance of Financial Return Rules.
Case 4 Merger & acquisition Engaged by a client to assist in a merger and acquisition deal including performing financial analysis, evaluating alternatives, reviewing agreements, preparing share transfer documents and monitoring the implementation of merger and acquisition process. The client’s interests are safeguarded.