Corporate Finance and Merger & Acquisition

We have good relationship with various bankers, venture capitalists and potential investors. We can assist our clients to obtain new or additional banking facilities and venture capital by negotiating on behalf of our clients, preparing business plans and proposals. We also advise our clients on the terms of the facilities and capital injection to protect their interests. In addition, we assist our clients in formulation of debt restructure scheme to reduce finance costs and improve liquidity and profitability.

IPO wise, we have good connections with sponsors, underwriters and other professional parties and we can provide consulting services in assisting our clients to be better prepared for the IPO exercise and hence improve their chance of successful listing.

We have extensive experience in various merger and acquisitions transactions. In addition to due diligence review on target company/business, we also carry out search on behalf of clients for potential targets, advise and negotiate terms of transactions. We maintain a comprehensive list of potential target companies or businesses through our good relationships with bankers, company brokers and other well-established accounting firms.