Global Mobility

When employees work in different jurisdictions, it is important that domestic and foreign tax laws are understood, planned for and complied with. LCCPA, as a member of Alliott Global Alliance Global Mobility professionals, can help to build a flexible and cost-efficient global mobility programme to streamline your tax and immigration and legal vendor management.

Tax & Social Security

Employees work cross borders, whether for extended business travel or short/long term assignments, the potential tax implications for the business and the individual need to be considered. We can help to ensure employment structures are optimised and taxes are filed on time and in compliance with local tax laws.

Immigration, Work Permits & Visas

We can help you to manage compliance including obtaining, extending & renewing different visa types, and all aspects of the immigration process to ensure your employees and expatriates can enter and re-enter countries without triggering immigration and tax thresholds that will impact the efficiency of your global mobility programmes.

Employment Law Services

Professional advice on employment law is essential to protect any business that has a mobile or expatriate workforce. We can help to provide tax and immigration advice to ensure optimally efficient structures are set up and reviewed regularly.