18 May
Professional Outsourced Accounting Services

If you are facing the challenges of shortage in accounting talent, or if you wish to streamline your accounting functions so that you can focus on business initiatives and growth, outsourced accounting is a solution to help you to address the shortage of accounting skills in the in-house team.


Advantages of outsourcing accounting services

  • More cost effective

    It is often more expensive to hire accounting staff to work in-house than to outsource it to a professional accounting firm. Outsourcing accounting functions can help save overhead costs, such as salaries, benefits and office space etc.

  • Save time

    Outsourcing can free up your valuable time and energy, you can spend your time and energy on doing core business activities and what you’re good at - growing your business.

  • Access to expertise and resources

    You have access to qualified and experienced professionals with specialized knowledge in different accounting functions, as well as the latest accounting software and technology for business accounting.

  • Accuracy

    Having knowledgeable and experienced accountants to take care of your bookkeeping and accounting can lead to increased efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting.

  • Better compliance and risk management

    Outsource the management and preparation of your financial statements to an accounting firm can ensure greater compliance with regulatory requirements, such as taxation laws and accounting standards. This can help business manage risk and avoid potential legal or financial penalties.

  • Audit coordination

    The accounting firm can be your point of contact with the auditors and address complicated accounting questions.  


You can always turn to LCCPA as a means of obtaining qualified accounting talent without much of the fuss above.

Our experienced and professional accounting team are committed to providing clients reliable accounting solutions using most updated accounting software in a timely manner at affordable price. From start-up or small business, we assist clients in saving cost and hassles of maintaining in-house accounts department, so they can focus on managing and growing their business. For more sizable business which require in-house accounts department, we can assist in setting up the accounting system and internal control system.


What we do


  • Cloud-based accounting services
  • Advice on set up of accounting system
  • Management accounts (monthly/quarterly/yearly)
  • Monthly payroll calculation and salary distribution via bank account
  • Monthly Mandatory Provident Fund contribution calculation and filing
  • Billing administration according to instruction given
  • Financial Resources Return (for regulated entities licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission)


Should you require our service, please contact Ms. Amie Cheung at