12 May
More Flexibility In 2022 Employment Support Scheme

The 2022 Employment Support Scheme (2022 ESS) aims to provide wage subsidies to sectors affected by the fifth wave, particularly small and-medium sized enterprises (SMEs), so that employers can retain their existing employees and even hire more employees when the pandemic situation improves.

Flexibility to decide on the number of subsidised headcounts for each subsidy month

The 2022 ESS is be different from the 2020 ESS by allowing applicants to apply for each subsidy month the number of employees in different categories they intend to hire and receive subsidies for (which shall not exceed the relevant subsidised quota cap). The Government-appointed agent will calculate the subsidy amount eligible for each month.

Amend the chosen subsidised headcounts

To increase flexibility, employers can, after submitting applications, amend once the chosen subsidised headcounts of June and July (but not of May 2022) once each in early June and early July.

  • If using the “2020 ESS records”, the subsidy headcount for June 2022 may be amended between 1 and 10 June 2022, and that for July 2022 between 1 and 11 July 2022.
  • If using the “2021 Q4 records”, the government-appointed agent has to collect the latest MPF records from the MPF trustees which results in longer processing time for vetting applications and calculating the “subsidised quota cap”. The government-appointed agent will contact those employers at a later stage for amending the subsidised headcounts of June and July 2022.

Special note to employers

  1. If an employer has set up several MPF accounts and/or ORSO Schemes for an employee, the employee will be counted as one headcount when calculating the number of employees and relevant quotas.
  1. Employer needs to confirm that all the employees participated in ORSO schemes (if any) in this application are holders of Hong Kong Identity Card.
  1. Employer has to undertake not to make duplicated application for the same employee(s) who has /have been enrolled by or joined more than one ORSO scheme in the organisation and related entities.


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