27 Apr
Hong Kong Will Reopen Its Borders To Non-Residents From 1st May 2022

The Government announced on 22 April that non-residents will be allowed to enter Hong Kong from overseas places and the route-specific flight suspension mechanism will be suitably adjusted starting from 1 May. Along with the reopening, some new rules along with easing certain quarantine requirements have been also announced.


  1. Lifting the ban on non-HKRs entering Hong Kong

    Non-residents who have stayed in overseas places in the past 14 days to enter Hong Kong from May 1 and be subject to the same boarding, quarantine and testing arrangements as HK residents. The relevant persons are required to be fully-vaccinated, undergoing pre-departure nucleic acid test with a negative result and the booking of DQHs, be subject to "test-and-hold" upon arrival, and be transferred to DQHs by designated transport to undergo compulsory quarantine, during which they will be tested multiple times.

    Other boarding, quarantine and testing arrangements applicable to overseas inbound passengers remain unchanged. Details can be found at the Government's COVID-19 thematic website (

  2. Add Rapid antigen tests (RATs) to the "test-and-hold" arrangement at the airport

    To shorten the waiting time of inbound passengers at the airport to reduce crowd gathering, when inbound passengers undergo PCR nucleic acid tests by professional swab sampling, specimens will also be collected for RATs at the same time.

  3. Loose “Route-specific flight suspension mechanism”

    From May 1, with suspensions being triggered if 5 or more passengers, or 5% or more of passengers onboard the aircraft (whichever is higher) test positive on arrival. The period of route suspension has also been reduced from 7 to 5 days.

  4. Quarantine requirement (All places outside China):
    1. Basic requirement is to undergo compulsory quarantine for 14 days in a Designated Quarantine Hotel (DQH)
    2. Undergo daily rapid antigen tests (RATs) during compulsory quarantine and PCR-based nucleic acid tests on the 5th and 12th days; and

      If opting for early discharge from compulsory quarantine upon fulfilment of relevant conditions (must hold a 7-night DQH room reservation)

    3. Can be discharged earlier from quarantine and must leave the DQH if Fully vaccinated and/or being accompanied children aged 11 or below, and the results of the PCR test conducted on the 5th day and the RATs conducted on the 6th and 7th days are all negative;
    4. Self-monitoring for the subsequent 7 days;
    5. Undergo compulsory PCR-based nucleic acid testing by professional swab sampling on the 12th day of arrival at Hong Kong in a Community Testing Centre (CTC) or mobile specimen collection stations (for free), or at recognised local medical testing institutions (self-paid)

If not opting for early discharge from compulsory quarantine (must hold a 14-night DQH room reservation):

Can leave the DQH upon confirmation of negative results from the PCR-based nucleic acid test conducted on the 12th day and the RAT conducted on the 14th day


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