23 Sep
Third round Anti-epidemic Fund measures

With the volatile development of the epidemic, the Government have prepared to adopt a focused approach in subsidising targeted sectors and individuals directly affected by the Government’s anti-epidemic measures or hardhit by the epidemic.


Beneficiaries include:

  • Catering
  • Tourism
  • Aviation & Transport
  • Sports
  • Arts & Culture
  • Companies in performing industry which organise pop concerts
  • Club-houses
  • Cinemas
  • Education (including kindergartens; private primary and secondary schools; tutorial schools; providers of catering services at schools and post-secondary education institutions, interest classes and school bus services for schools)
  • Child care centres
  • Interest class instructors hired by subvented non-governmental welfare organisations
  • Beauty parlours
  • Massage establishments
  • Amusement game centres
  • Bathhouses
  • Fitness centres
  • Places of amusement
  • Places of public entertainment
  • Party rooms
  • Nightclubs
  • Bars / pubs
  • Karaoke establishments
  • Mahjong-tin kau premises


Among which, subsidy for catering business is as follows:

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