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Assurance & Advisory
(i) We were engaged by an investor to perform due diligence exercise of an air-conditioner manufacturing company in China. We had reviewed the past   years’ financial information about the performance and net asset value of the target company in determining and bargaining the purchase consideration. Eventually, we successfully assisted the client to acquire the target factory in China valued at HK$40 million.
(ii) We were engaged by a listed company in Singapore to perform internal control audit of all its subsidiaries in Hong Kong and overseas. We reported our findings and made recommendations to the Independent Audit Committee which implement our advice to improve the internal control systems of all subsidiaries.
(iii) We have successfully assisted several regulated entities to prepare and file FRR returns with the SFC in compliance with SFO.
(iv) We have been engaged by a client to assist in a merger and acquisition deal including performing financial analysis, evaluating alternatives, reviewing agreements, preparing share transfer documents and monitoring the implementation of merger and acquisition process to ensure the client’s interests are safeguarded.